Thornton Botanicals
Anointing and Perfume Oil Descriptions

FRANKINCENSE: Male Energies, Meditation

HOLY BASIL: Clearing, Meditation

GERANIUM~CLARY SAGE: Uplifting and Balancing

JASMINE: Helpful for Clearing Sympathetic Excess and for Recovering from Addictions

MITTI ATTAR : VETIVER and EARTH Infused Together, Grounding

LOTUSES : Meditation, Connection with the Divine

PATCHOULI: Calming, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Anxiety

PALO SANTO: Sacred Oil of South America, Clearing, Support

PINON PINE~JUNIPER: Clearing, Great for Air Travel

ROSE VETIVER: Grounding, High Vibration

SANDALWOOD: Calming, Grounding, Highly Anticeptic

SANDALWOOD~ANGELICA : Clearing & Grounding, Connects with

SANDALWOOD~OPONOMAX: Separates from Old Negative Energy; Clears Bad Luck, Including Very Bad LUCKANGEL Energies

SPIKENARD: Anti-Spasmodic, Used in India for Nerves

VETIVER: Grounding, Soothing

WHITE GINGER LILY~ VETIVER: Used for Anointing in India, Calming

WHITE SAGE: Traditional for Clearing Energies

YLANG YLANG Soothing Calming, Sweet Energy

VETIVER: Grounding, Anti-Anxiety