Thornton Botanicals

Treatments with Alison Trick-Thornton

Aromatherapy Consultation
$ 75 Initial consulation
$ 50 follow-up
Essential Oil Treatments for physical, emotional, and mental conditions, including topical and inhalation applications for home self-care. Personal blends will treat among other conditions, women's health, stress and anxiety, and immune health.

Aromatherapy Body Treatments-Aroma AcupunctureTM-
$75 for a session
Treatments using essential oils on acupuncture or acupressure points using gentle touch (no needles) for mind, body, and emotions specializing in the Shen ~ harmonizing the mind ~ heart connection.

Shamanic Aromatherapy Journey
$75 for a journey ( 1 hour)
Smell and experience sacred essential oils from all over the world and receive a healing as they connect you with neuropeptide recepters, Candace Pert's molecules of emotion gateway to your limbic system.

Specialized Aromatherapy Blends to take home
The price depends on the price of the oils.

Custom Botanical Perfume
Your own special perfume, an hour consultation, take home a perfume in organic jojoba or organic alcohol. Price dependent on the oils used in blend.